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Tourety Services, a unit of Digital Web Avenue India is a company which is included under 2013, Companies Act and the registration office is situated on Destiny Tower, 4th Floor-25 Chinar Park, Kolkatta-700157, West Bengal India. (Going forward it can be also called as “we”, “us” and “our” or words like these as well)
The website maintenance and publishing is done by the Company. The Privacy Policies and the disclaimer clause is applicable solely to the website of this company comprising of This policy however, does not concern with the website of any other business partnerships business associates or any third-party clients even if they are connected to the main site. It is suggested to reconsider the privacy policies of any particular entities or clients with whom the interaction has to be done.
The amendments will be made to the privacy policies and disclaimer clauses as and when required. (Disclaimer Clause &. Privacy Policy/ Privacy Statement). This amendment forms a part of the terms and conditions of the parent site and thus included in the same. All the terms in capitals that do not have an explicit definition and are used in this reference will carry the same meaning as is attached to the word “term” in Terms. Under any situation of there being any discrepancy in between the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, the latter will surpass exclusively in the matter of any content stated here and not in regards to any clause, terms or stipulations stated otherwise under the Terms.
Since we will keep updating, improving and expanding the website, the privacy policy and Disclaimer Clause might change as well, and that too at our sole decision without any notice, thus it is a request to keep checking it at regular periods as it will be important to preside with the updated terms of the privacy policies and Disclaimer Clause. At the website, you are reckoned to have read, accepted, and conceded all the stipulations declared in the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Clause comprising of any changes which are made from period to period. This accessible privacy statement and Disclaimer Clause is applicable only to the date which gets collected with the help of our website and not through which gets collected on an offline basis.

a) To be able to access specific services, we do acquire personal and professional information and even take few email information from you, as stated underneath that this is required and necessary by us for accomplishing the purpose. (Any such information and communication stated herein is altogether referred as “Information”).

b) Personal Information: It comprises of any information or data that is associated with a particular individual and could be data like name, address, mailing address, the telephone or mobile information, credit card number, travel preferences, travel bookings, frequent flier number or any such relevant evidences from the customers. (“Personal Information”)

Note: Any matter or content which gets shared by the users, feedbacks, blogs, chatting or pop up messages, any discussion panels, mediums or user testimonies are not deemed to be Personal Information and is not relevant to the terms and conditions laid down under the Privacy Policy. We shall not be responsible for the precision or categorization of any information that has been posted on the website by you or any other users though we have every right to delete any such information which has been posted by any individual on the website which we by our decision feel is rude, prejudiced, discriminatory or is not suitable.
c) Non-Personal Information: In order to view the website, certain non-personal pieces of evidence are also collected by us like the domain, server, host, IP address, type of browser and the company which supplies you the internet services, however, this information does not relate to you personally.
d) We only take your personal information in case you wish to purchase any product or services or subscribe to a newsletter not otherwise. You even have the option to visit the site secretly.

We are authorized to retain the data thus provided to us by you for our own records for a period lasting about two years after you delete your account with us and all information that had been provided to us will only be used only after complying with the Privacy statement and the Disclaimer Clause.

a) We do not intend to trade or share your information to the external parties, however, we do share your information with the parties whom we trust or the ones who help us in our operations, managing our business, and the ones who provide services to you. We might have to publish your information in case it is suitable and in accordance with the laws, impose our policies or for protection of our rights, property or safety. Conversely, the non-personal information of yours can be offered to other parties for the promotion and campaigning and few other uses as well.
b) The information that you provide to us is handled by us in the below- mentioned ways:
• To process and fulfil your request for Services,
• For customizing your experiences.
• In order to provide services, the personal information can be disclosed to the company or trusted and registered business associates (as valid).
• The company has every right to use the information which fulfils as per the privacy policy and Disclaimer clause and as permissible by the relevant laws.
• In order to progress and develop our services;
• To impose our Terms;
• In order to contact you and to even personalize the communication process as well as to share the marketing matter with you;
• The information provided by you whether is private or public can be used with the aim to get your product or service delivered which has been requested and furthermore investigate and offer suggestions in case any other product or service is appropriate for you.
• The email information that is provided by you for placing orders can also be used for informing about the updates or any news related to any products or services.
• In order to prevent any sort of fraud and other illegal actions as well.
To safeguard the integrity as well as the safety of the website, business, any expertise and the consumers as well.
To broadcast the recommendations or the feedback that has been given on the website.
The information hereby provided by you can be shared in cases where accessing, usage and revelation of it is moderately essential in order to (i) fulfil any laws, controls or legal issues or any government request thus enforced, (ii) impose suitable terms which comprise of exploration of probable breaches therein, (iii) discover, avoid or else prevent, and refer any fraudulent, safety or technical concerns. (iv) protection, contrary to, impending damage to any rights, property or security of the company, its consumers or the society, as needed or acceptable by law.
Furthermore, under a circumstance of an inventory, review, reform, union, auction, joint undertaking, project transfers or any such sorts of a part of the business or the full business. Our business including the holdings or assets (comprising of being connected to insolvency or any alike procedures). We might disclose/convey//dispense the information hence provided to a pertinent third or external party.

We adopt adequate safety measures to defend and secure the relevant information from unofficial access, regulate and maintain data accurateness and also help to safeguard the information. When the access to the services is through Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox or for that matter any Secure Socket Layer or a technology which enables to safeguard information by using the data encoding and authentication of the server. We introduce the website in a safe server environment that widely uses the latest technological advancements in order to protect any external access. All the information which is personal or related to the credit card is broadcasted with the help of SSL technology and then converted towards the payment access gateway service providers only accessed by those who have a right to do so and it also offers a database to be only accessed by All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via SSL technology and then encrypted into our payment gateway providers database only to accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems and even keep the information secretly and intimately. Once a transaction is done the private and profound information in relation to the credit card will not be retained in the server. The preceding is in question to your conformity to the below- mentioned topics:

Account Security: You admit that neither the company nor any associates like the shareholders, directors, stakeholders shall be accountable to you under any situations in case of any indirect or direct, disciplinary, related, distinct or consequent loss that are due to an infringement or a settlement of registering the user account with us and/or to be able or not able to use it.
Credit Card Security: For any payments that have to be made on the website, we outsource and use third-party payment processors (“Payment Processors”). The payments are processed in question to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies additionally. You admit that under any circumstances of any indirect or direct, disciplinary, related, distinct or consequent loss that are due to your inability to use the payment processor or not paying through it or you are completing or not completing the payment, the company or its associates shall not be held responsible.
Safeguard Sensitive Information: Confidential information and details like Credit/Debit Card and the online banking information gets predominantly gathered in the payment processors and even banks but we do not have it in our system. Yet if at all this information is on our website, we keep it safe and do not disclose. However, at times we do have to share the information with trusted third parties in order to process the suitable cash back offers, vouchers and discounts.

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This website might have links to trusted third party websites or apps as well. These third-party sites are regulated by their specific privacy policies and disclaimer clause which are out of our purview, Even if you leave our website, any information that you have provided us will be regulated by the privacy policy of the operative of the third party and the policies of both of us might differ as well. In case you are unable to view the privacy policy of the third-party sites, it is better to contact them directly, since we do not provide any of your personal information to any third party websites. Servers or through advertisement without having a consent from our users.

We have cookies enabled.

The third-party service provider’s help us in exhibiting the ads on the company’s all across the internet and at times on the website. So, they do accumulate secret information regarding the visits to the website, the interaction with all our products and services. This information can then be used by them to focus on their advertisements to sell their goods and services. The secret information gets accumulated by the use of a pixel tag which is a standardized technological advancement put to use by maximum websites of the industry.

By accessing our website and providing us with the information, you agree the information getting collected and to be used as agreed under the privacy policy and disclaimer Clause. You more particularly agree and give us the consent in order to collect, store, process, share to the trusted third parties, service providers and even to the vendors who are members as per the privacy statement.

In case of any queries about the privacy policy, do contact at + 91 9831833380 or you can even send in your queries to Destiny Tower, 4th Floor, 25 Chinar Park, Kolkata-700157, West Bengal India. In case you are not satisfied (after about 10 days from the time you have written, you can escalate the same to our Grievance Officer as well.
Any nature of complaints, abusive language or issues with relation to the content or any act of infringement of the privacy policy shall be at once reported to the assigned Grievance officer as mentioned above or can even be mailed at
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