The delicious dishes of Bhutan have already won the hearts of so many travellers and that is one of the prime reasons why it has become possible to get huge financial support for the food sellers of Bhutan from the travellers. Several types of food dishes are currently available in Bhutan that are prepared in a proper manner by the skillful chefs. It can be considered as a mentionable uniqueness of Bhutanese foods that most of the food dishes of Bhutan contains a certain amount of chili. However, if you desire to visit Bhutan, you must try some of the most famous dishes that will certainly be offered in food stalls.

Some delicious dishes available in Bhutan

Ema Datshi: This one can easily be considered as the most famous dish of Bhutan. Datshi is the name of a special kind of Bhutanese cheese that is cooked with red and green chilis and a certain amount of butter.

Kewa Datshi: In Bhutanese Language, Kewa means potato. This special dish is prepared by slicing potatoes in thin pieces and cooking them with cheese, butter, tomato and chilies. This is known as one of the most mild dishes of Bhutan.

Shakam Ema Datshi: Shakam is the name of a dry form of beef. That dried form of beef is cut into pieces and finally simmered with a certain amount of cheese and butter. This is one of the most delicious dishes of Bhutan.

Shamu Datshi: The speciality of this dish is, Mushrooms are used to prepare this dish. Mushrooms are cooked into a cheesy and saucy stew with butter. However, a specific amount of chili is also used to prepare this dish.

Shakam Shukam Datshi: This dish is available almost everywhere in Bhutan. Shukam is a specific type of white chili. This spicy dish is prepared by cooking small pieces of dried beef with cheese and white chilies.

Shakam Paa: This is a favourite protein dish of almost every Bhutanese. This dish is prepared with slightly chewy and dry pieces of beef. The pieces of beef are cooked with a certain amount of dry chili and other necessary elements.

Phaksha Paa: Phaksha Paa is prepared with pork. This dish is prepared by slicing pork into pieces and frying with dry red chilis and mountain vegetables. Sometimes, this dish is also served with any datshi dish.

Goep: Goep is prepared by frying slices of tripe with dry chilis, green onions and other tasty vegetables. Mostly, small types of vegetables are generally used to prepare this dish.

Juma: This is one of those dishes that are prepared with rice. In other words, this dish is merely a Bhutanese sausage that is prepared with minced meat, rice and some light spicy additionals.

Jasha Maru: Jasha Maru is specifically known as a Bhutanese chicken Stew or curry. An amazing taste of ginger is what makes this dish so delicious. Jasha maru is a bit similar to the preparation of momo.

Hoentay: The Haa Valley of Bhutan is known for preparing this dish. Hoentay is very similar to momo and available in both steamed and fried formation. Knowingly, these dumplings like momo remains filled with spinach, turnip leaves and cheese while served.

Jaju: Jaju is merely a ‘milk and vegetables’ soup originated in Bhutan. Mostly, spinach, turnip leaves and other leafy vegetables are used to prepare Jaju. Some specific types of Jaju is also made with a little amount of butter to turn the taste a bit mellow.

Goen Hogay: Goen Hogay is a special type of Bhutanese cucumber salad. This dish is considered as one of the oldest traditional dishes of Bhutan. Sliced cucumber is mixed with chili flakes, onions, tomatoes and a certain amount of datsi cheese. Sometimes, some extra oil is also added to fuel the taste of the dish.

Puta: Puta is known as a special Bhutanese Noodles. These noodles are made of massively nutritious buckwheat. Firstly, the noodles are boiled, then fried in a little amount of mustard oil with salt and pepper, and then served.

Ezay: Ezay is known as a kind of dish that is required to complete any Bhutanese dish. This Chili sauce type dish is merely a special Salad that adds a spicy taste in any dish. It resembles a bit with Ema Datsi.

The above mentioned dishes are only a few of the most delicious dishes of Bhutan. Tasty and delicious dishes like Khur-le, Khatem, Gondo Datsi, Chogo, zaow have always played a key role to attract a certain number of visitors who are fond of Bhutanese food. If you are also having a desire to visit Bhutan, then you should not make a regrettable decision of missing any of these delicious dishes.

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