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Bhutan – Where Mountain meets Forest

Bhutan is a small country reputed for its melancholic natural beauty. Bhutan contains uncountable numbers of overwhelming lands and valleys covered by greeneries and hills. This beautiful country is situated between India and Tibet and surrounded by Himalaya. Knowingly, the position of Himalaya has influenced the climate of this country a lot. In other words, if a anybody prefers to visit around hills surrounded with shallow rivers and mossy rocks, then bhutan mas seem as a perfect place to visit for that person.

The position of Himalaya has always been a bit beneficial for Bhutan as it has always protected the country like a shield from the potential external attackers. A huge percentage of the people of Bhutan are connected to tourism businesses as each year a huge number of travellers visit Bhutan. As per information fetched, Bhutan is well-reputed globally for its scenic glamour.

Genuinely attractive places to visit in Bhutan

Among a huge list of overwhelming places, a list of some of the most well-known places of Bhutan are briefly evaluated below:

Thimphu: Thimphu is reputed as the capital of Bhutan and also a massively beautiful place that is situated at the western part of Bhutan. Ancient forted monastery is situated in Thimphu signifying the existence of Buddhism in Bhutan has always been a prime attraction for the visitors.

Paro: Paro is a beautiful valley town of Bhutan situated at the western part of Thimphu. Just like the other attractive places, the hills and greeneries have covered the greater percentage of this place and turned it fantastic. Besides, the Paro Chhu river and a well-constructed watchtower is situated at a very close distance from Paro.

Bumthang: Bumthang is reputed as a historic district of Bhutan. It contains uncountable number of sacred sites along with some ancient temples. Jakar is known as the capital of Bumthang which is also a massively beautiful place full of several kinds of attractive ancient heritages.

Phobjikha Valley: Phobjikha Valley is merely an ‘U shaped’ glacial valley, which has always been considered as one of the most beautiful visitable places of Bhutan. This valley has covered a large area of the country and is full of greenery, hills and other overwhelming natural landscapes.

Haa Valley: Haa valley is situated at a very close distance from Himalayas. The ancient Haa Gompa has always been a prime centre of attraction of this place. Apart from that, the ‘twin temples’ have also played a key role always to attract tons of visitors

Mongar: Mongar is one of the fastest developing cities of Bhutan full of spectacular landscapes. Mongar is also well known all over the country for ‘lemon grass’, which is used for producing a specific kind of oil.

Punakha: Punakha is a marvelous city of Bhutan that is possibly the closest to the great Himalayas. There is an old fortress in Punakha that is beautifully surrounded by Pho and Mo Chhu rivers. Apart from that, Punakha suspension bridge is also a center of attraction for the tourists.

Apart from all the above mentioned places, there are many more places to visit in Bhutan that can easily freeze a viewer’s eye. Attractive places like Tashigang can easily provoke you to expand your holidays to spend a few more days in Bhutan.

Some interesting but less-known facts about Bhutan

  • Bhutan has been the first country to ban the production, import and selling of each and every kind of tobacco products.
  • The word ‘Bhutan’ means ‘The land of Thunder Dragons’.
  • Bhutan has a compulsory national dress code for both men and women.
  • Television and internet services were introduced in Bhutan after 1999.
  • Bhutan is one of the smallest countries and known for being a bit smaller than switzerland also.
  • Bhutan is the only country in the entire globe that measures the amount of national happiness.
  • Bhutanese kids receive free educational services from the government.
  • Although Basketball and cricket are being popular now a day, Archery is considered as the national sport of Bhutan.

Appropriate season to visit Bhutan

It is a known fact that a perfect weather plays a key role to enhance any type of scenic beauty. Generally, the frequent visitors of Bhutan do not suggest to step into Bhutan in winter as the lifestyle turns a bit tougher than usual during cold days. Autumn is possibly the perfect season to visit Bhutan as per the opinion of most of the frequent visitors. If you desire to visit Bhutan, then you should make a wise decision of finishing your trip within the span from the end of August till October. It can help you enjoy the overwhelming views of attractive landscapes even more properly.

Bhutanese food is a must in hungry moments

Similarly like the other countries, Bhutan also produces some unique but delicious dishes and drinks that are mostly not available in anywhere else. For example, ‘Suja – butter tea’ is a unique stimulating drink that is available in Bhutan. Besides, a dish named ‘Ema datsi’ is very popular that is made of cheese and chilli. Apart from that, visitors also highly prefer a spicy dish of chicken named Jasha Maroo that is specially prepared following Bhutanese recipe. Besides, many other Bhutanese dishes like Jaju Soup, Ezay have also won the hearts of so many visitors. Besides, Bhutan is also known for producing a solid cheese snack named Chogo and so many types of momo also.

Religious activities and Heritages of Bhutan

Bhutan proudly welcomes visitors from almost every religion. However, Bhutan currently has the biggest percentage of Buddhists. In other words, approximately 75% of Bhutanese people are buddhists and some of them even play a role to spread the religion. The ancient monasteries and fortresses carry the significance of the ancient Buddhism. Fortunately, violence oriented activities regarding religious aspects have still not been seen in Bhutan. In brief, it’s safe to visit Bhutan for the people of any religion.

Overall expenses to visit Bhutan

Very fortunately, Bhutan has never been too expensive to visit. This is another prime reason why the number of people interested to visit Bhutan is aggressively increasing day by day. The approximate cost of both accomodation and transport is lower than other similar kinds of visitable places. As per information fetched, 8000 rupees per person is enough to comfortably spend one day in Bhutan. However, some travel agencies have already stepped in who are offering Bhutan tour packages at a cheaper cost with complete package of transport and accomodation.